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Scaffolding Services We Offer

All our scaffolding is available for long or short term hire whether it’s a small refurbishment or a new build property we at Fitzgerald Scaffolding will take care of all your scaffolding requirements

Scaffold for extensions single or double storey
Scaffold for new builds
Chimney stack scaffold
Roofing scaffold
Solar installation scaffold
Scaffolding for gutter repair and replacement
Scaffolding for renovations
Temporary Roofing which is ideal if you are looking to waterproof or weatherproof your construction site.

Things That You Must Know About Scaffolding And How To Choose The Best Scaffolder

Are you currently constructing a building? Do you want everyone to be safe through out the process? Scaffolding is a popular way of supporting a building’s construction, maintenance, and repair. This temporary framework is reliable and efficient especially for high rise building projects to ensure the safety of employees.

What Is Scaffolding And Its Importance?

Scaffolding is a temporary structure usually made of steel, bamboo, or timber. This structure is used to create a platform for the mason of a building construction to be able to work at different heights. Scaffolding will also help lift heavy materials so you can use them at different heights.

The four common types of scaffolding used in building construction are the following:

  • Brick Layer’s Scaffolding / Single Scaffolding
  • Masons’ Scaffolding / Double Scaffolding
  • Steel / Tubular Scaffolding
  • Needle Scaffolding / Cantilever Scaffolding

Importance of Scaffolding in Construction Work

  • Scaffolding is a safe, efficient, and reliable tool for keeping your construction employees protected from unwanted accidents while working in high rise buildings.
  • Reaching difficult and high parts of the building can be a problem. But scaffolding will greatly help to reach impossible positions and areas to make the job easy and simple.
  • Scaffoldings are easy to install and to use. It is less time consuming and can be adjusted to move from one place to another.
  • This tool is perfect for building maintenance and construction since it doesn’t any support or help from any external tool.
  • Compared to other techniques, scaffolding is more cost effective and more pocket friendly.

Choosing The Best Scaffolder

Now that you know the importance of scaffolding in your building construction and maintenance, it is very essential to choose the right person as your scaffolder. The job is not easy and it is not a decision to take lightly since he will be in charge of the employees’ safety. In choosing the right person for this job, here are some things that you would want to consider so you’ll get your money’s worth.


For your building project to be safer, a scaffolder should know the proper guidelines in installing your scaffolding. There are particular guidelines and regulations to follow for building constructions with unusual design. If a scaffolding needs to be taller, longer or is built on uneven ground, your chosen scaffolder might need to fill out a risk assessment.

Construction Type

A good scaffolding professional should know everything about the project. This includes knowing and being able to advise you on what type of scaffolding construction you will need for the building.

Scaffolder’s Training

This one should be on the top of your list. Scaffoldings are very important to your building project so you’d want someone who is well-trained to do the job. Ask your chosen scaffolding company about the training that they provide for their professionals and ask for a proof. Proper qualifications shall be met because the job is not easy and can be very dangerous for someone who is not properly trained to do the job.


It is a must for scaffolding companies to have employer’s liability insurance and a public liability insurance.

Scaffolding Accidents

Since scaffoldings are just temporary structures for your building’s construction, it is highly recommended but it should still be used properly and should comply with the recommended guidelines. Your construction workers will be working at great heights and their safety can be compromised. Overlooking the precautionary measures can put them or anybody passing by in great danger.

Scaffolding Accidents That You Should Avoid

Here are some things that can cause an accident when using a scaffolding in your building construction. Remember these factors to avoid unnecessary accidents from happening.

  • Inadequate safety procedures in using scaffolding.
  • Weak planking
  • Insecure or non-existent bracing in scaffolding.
  • Having insufficient on-the-job training.
  • Having no protective gear while doing the job can cause someone serious injuries.
  • Injuries caused by falling loads.

Ignoring these factors and taking the safety procedures lightly can tremendously cause injuries like bruises, lacerations, fractures, head injuries, brain injuries, or worse, fatalities. Falling objects, unprotected sharp edges, falling from the scaffolding or a scaffolding collapse will cause these accidents to happen. That is why it is important to remember the guidelines and take safety measures while working with scaffolding in a building project.

Health And Safety Guidelines For Scaffolding And Construction Sites

Work At Height

This regulation clearly states that any work that is being done at great high places should be evaluated for terms of resources required, involved risks, and skill/training requirements for the staff involved in the project.

Provision And Use Of Work Equipment

This is a strict set of instructions provided on using various equipment in your project. This regulation gives an emphasis that only trained employees are allowed to handle all the equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment At Work

It is important that employers must ensure that all of the equipment being used in the project are fit for their purpose and in good working order. The equipment should also be properly maintained and stored when it is not in use. This regulation also states that the equipment should come with a correct usage manual to avoid unwanted accidents from happening.

While scaffolding makes everything easier for your next building project, you should first know its importance to your project. Using this tool, the safety of the workers is ensured and the work will be easier and faster for everyone. Choosing Fitzgerald scaffolding services for your job will help you maximize its purpose and avoid injuries or accidents from happening.

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